First Charlotte Talk Given

It was a great pleasure for me to travel to Charlotte, North Carolina on Friday, June 3.  I left around three o’clock in the afternoon for the three hour drive from Raleigh, and arrived right on schedule.  The drive was enjoyable, with no major traffic, and I was able to follow up on some pastoral telephone calls during the trip.

Arriving at the home of our hosts, I was greeted warmly and immediately given Christian hospitality by this dedicated Christian couple.  We prepared for the talk, which was scheduled to begin around 7:30 in the evening.  At 7:30, two of our guests arrived, and we engaged in informal fellowship with them.  Some of the other guests arrived on “Greek time,” so we began the talk around 8:45 in actuality.  It was not a problem, though, as we had plenty of opportunity to get to know everyone.

The talk lasted around an hour, and featured a candid discussion of challenges to Orthodox Tradition in the 20th Century and the Traditional (Old Calendar) Orthodox response.  I began by explaining what Tradition is, and what the Canonical Tradition is.  This was followed by explaining the circumstances regarding the introduction of the New Calendar, Ecumenism, and Modernism.  These phenomena were analyzed in terms of both “high-level,” ie. the actions of the innovating hierarchs, and in view of the “practical effects” on day-to-day Orthodox worship and practice for the average parish and parishioner.  Finally, I discussed briefly how the Old Calendar Church of Greece came about, its arrival in America, and its current status.

Fellowship followed, with a delicious fasting meal owing to it being a Friday.  Conversation continued on late into the evening.  We look forward to hosting future events for the Charlotte community, and pray that this will form a nucleus of a Traditional Orthodox mission to form in the Charlotte area.

A recording was made of the talk, which will be posted on YouTube when time permits and will be linked here.

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